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Legend of Warships

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Explore Badges: There are tons of Warship Wreckages and treasure under the deep sea. Explore it to find legendary badges!
Shipbuilding: The new age of war has begun, and the naval forces are the key to win it. Are you ready to build your own fleet for victory and freedom?
Challenge the Big Seven: Challenge the 7 most powerful Battleships in the world and win Merit to customize your badges!
Recruit Captains: You can claim free recruit order as time goes by or spend diamonds to buy recruit orders. Use recruit order to have chance to recruit legendary captains!
Jun 14, 2019


In Legend of Warships, players will be trained to become the best navy commander building their own fleets for victory and freedom. From fast destroyers to destructive battleships, all ships are perfectly replicated from famous warships from World War II. And they are all available to be incorporated into the players' own fleet!


Explained in-game

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